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Kradjian Importing Co, Inc is a third generation importing and distributing company of specialty food products from all over the world. Our specialties are feta cheese, kasseri, kashkaval, halloumi, olives, olive oil, pasta, pickles, jams, preserves, eggplant dip, pepper, humus, gourmet cookies, mineral water, spices and many more.

Kradjian Importing Co, Inc Company Information:
5018 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA 91204
Tel: 818.502.1313
Fax: 818.502.0546

Kradjian Importing Co, Inc History:
" Kradjian importing co., Inc. has been serving you and your families for 75 Years and have been supplying nothing but the best around the world since. you can trust our selections to be nothing but top quality. With great customers service, vast inventory , unbeatable prices, prompt delivery, and top quality products , it is no wonder why so many businesses around the world have turned to Kradjian Importing Co., Inc. to serve them."